About Us

ISHRI is an originator of International Skills & Human Revolutionizing Institute – ISHRI and known as THE Only Revolutionizer in the World, PPPD Guru (PPPD – Personal, Professional & Personality Development), Energetic Energizer, Master Trainer, Lively Speaker, Motivational Orator, Public Speaker, Senior Visiting Academic Lecturer, Mentor Trainer, Marketer, Counselor, Business Consultant, JC and Lion.

ISHRI counts over a decade of experience in conducting Revolutionizing Clinics, Revolutionizing Engineering, Training, Motivational programs, Lecturing, Teaching, Public Speaking, Mentoring, Coaching, Consulting, Counseling and community service projects. ISHRI is a frequent contributor for many Interactive, Revolutionizing, Action and Result – IRAR oriented revolutionizing clinics, training programs, skilled & competent workshops, education programs, career guidance clinics, business programs, youth development programs and community service training programs & projects. ISHRI was Honored & Privileged to Receive the Prestigious Title & Award, Titled – MILLENNIUM DEVELOPMENT SERVICES GLOBAL AWARD – 2016 for Remarkable Services in Achieving Millennium Development Goals (2000 – 2015), Social Involvements and Lifetime Achievements on 22nd May 2016 at BMICH, Colombo in lieu with National Heroes Day.

ISHRI is currently serving as the youngest Director of Board of Management of Post Graduate Institute of Science of University of Peradeniya, Honorary Secretary – 2014/15 and the Director – 2015/16, Project Chairman – Education & Training of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Central Province, The Secretary/ Vice President 2014-16  of Lions of Kandy Senkadagala, The Mentor Trainer for Youth Business International – United Kingdom & Youth Business Sri Lanka. ISHRI holds the prestigious membership Junior Chamber International – JCI,World Association of Business and Management Professionals, Asia Marketing Federation and Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing.

ISHRI holds an MBA from University of Sunderland, United Kingdom, Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and BTEC Professional Development Diploma in Management Studies from RDI Management Learning College, China and Edexcel, UK, Certified Professional Marketer – CPM Status, Awarded by The World Marketing Association – USA and Asia Marketing Federation – Singapore. ISHRI was also awarded the Practicing Marketer title by The Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing for his contribution towards the marketing profession in Sri Lanka.

ISHRI is fluent in all 3 languages and able conduct Revolutionizing Clinics, trainings & Public Speaking program in English, Sinhala, Tamil, Sineng, Sintam, Tameng & Sinengtam.

9 Things that Revolutionizer ISHRI Promise To Do:

To Inspire the Audience – By inspiring those I speak to, I create uplifting feelings and positive emotional attachments that drive at the heart of why people execute. Inspiration is the push that people often need to take knowledge and move it into action.

 No Fluff – At many events, participants are filled with a fire-hose of information and feel overwhelmed at the end. What do people do when faced with a dire-house of information – they shut down! I promise to give revolutionizing and practical steps that participants can follow to create change, while at the same time inspiring them to take action.

 To Personalize the Message – I promise to work tirelessly to learn about your organization and make sure the speech/ training workshop is customized to the audience. By doing this we I will have a greater impact in helping you have an excellent event.

To Be Prompt & Professional – I know that event planners and others looking for speakers and workshop facilitators have busy lives. When you contact me I promise to respond quickly, fulfill my commitments and act professionally. The same goes for the event – I promise to be punctual and to go above and beyond your expectations in working with the participants facilitators.

To Foster Fun – When I speak at events I try to get the audience moving with: games, group activities, contests, polls and other activities to help them have a little fun. Humor and fun go hand-in-hand with motivating people to take action and remember a memorable event.

 To Be Respectful – I will never talk down to participants. People come from all walks of life and experience and I promise to be respectful and act with integrity before, during, and after the event.

 To Promote Your Event – If your event is public and you want more visibility, I will announce your event on my blog and share it among social media channels. I will also meet with participants or attend receptions to mingle with them further if time allows at the actual event.